Dead Letters: "Since You Were Purchased You Have Been In The Tank For The Liberals. Stick To Sports You Idiots."

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Subject: Breitbart piece from Gawker

From: Howard Alford
To: The Staff

Good Afternoon
Normally a daily reader and never email complaints but your once interesting site has become part of the gawker team that spews liberal nonsense and pro Obama bullshit! Sick of it. Since you were purchased you have been in the tank for the liberals. Let me give you a hint and a break from your Obama worship, Liberalism is failing and dying in front of us. Your Breitbart piece was no class and totally untrue. Total lies! Stick to sports you idiots. Let me be the first to say to you this afternoon Go Fuck yourselves. I can’t wait to watch the democrats lose this November. Tell Drew fuck him too and his bullshit lame columns. You lame asses support the occupy movement full of rapists, thieves and AstroTurf.

Why don’t you run an Article about all the debt The president has racked up or any of his other failures.

Thank you,

Howard A

From: Tom Scocca
To: Howard Alford

When were we purchased?

From: Howard Alford
To: Tom Scocca

Weren’t you purchased a few years back by the group that manages all Of those shitty websites? I usually love your stuff am tired of the liberal nonsense.I love the Biglead and their shit has gone straight in toilet.

Breitbart was a Real journalist. Unlike those clowns at Msnbc or Gawker that is totally up the presidents ass.

Thank you,

Howard A

From: Tom Scocca
To: Howard Alford

We’re privately owned by the same arch-capitalist, Ailes-admiring foreign pornographer as ever.

Subject: Access, favor, discretion

From: Marty Malinowski
To: The Staff

Gawker just stole your motto, on Roc Center seconds ago

Subject: Espn article

From: Joey Owens
To: The Staff

Did you guys see the ESPN article on the front page of their mobile site about how the Saints should fire Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis?? Written by a women!! Not that I’m sexist, but come on are you kidding. Me read the user comments as well. I’m not the only person who feels this way. Ashley Fox is a moron. Thanks guys.

Joey O

Subject: Rush Limbaugh

From: Terry Vargason
To: Tim Burke

I will personally boycott any firm that drops Rush Limbaugh’s advertising. They are all a bunch of spineless people. Why don’t they keep their politics out of business. I hope Cleveland never wins another game and their franchise goes bankrupt. I also hope quicken goes bankrupt.


Subject: dick

From: Kevin Breehl
To: The Staff

My name is Kevin. I like deadspin. I want to write for deadspin. I’m a cleveland sports fan who hates Lebron and the 97 world series. If I saw Lebron in person again I wouldnt slash his achilles tendons (both of them) with a box cutter, but I would tell him his mom got raw dog slammed by a man who thinks he’s antonio benderes in Desperado. I know alot about sports, I dont know why, I guess sportscenter has been played in my mind like a clockwork orange my entire life (23yrs). The thing I like most about sports is making fun of particular athletes and fans. examples: Yankees fans, randy moss, AI, dakota fanning, Ocho Cinco, etc. Just send me a topic, let me show you whats up.

sidenote: I have a brownie in the rear of my underpants ( gotta go)


Subject: your Deadspin column about Harvard

From: Daniel Sachs
To: Luke O’Brien


I like your writing, and I want you to know that I wish you well. In your recent column about certain Harvard folks’ reaction to making the tourney, you made fun of one of my friends (and a former blockmate), Tyler Neill. Your article kind of made it sound like he was the type of Harvard kid you want to “punch in the face.”

I just want you to know that Tyler is an incredibly nice, friendly, cool guy who is about as far from your typical Harvard d-bag as a person could be.

It’s good that you used the word “wanking” in the headline, because your article is, in a word, masturbatory. You know for a fact that every campus in the country has students who don’t care about sports. But instead of doing any original reporting you’ve pandered to stereotypes and attacked (granted, jokingly) some good people. I think you’re better than that.

In closing, I don’t agree with you but I don’t want to punch you or anything. To paraphrase my friend Tyler, I punch people “none at all.” Also, go Crimson!


Subject: shultis

From: Jeff and Jami Guinn
To: Brian Hickey

Fun fact for ya: Did you know that Carli Shultis had to pay $1500.00 bail for the heinous crime of intending to steal a hash brown. (She never checked out, she was putting it back after thinking of what an idiot she would be for stealing… anything, much less a silly hash brown) On the same day there was a kid that was also released for DUI and another for under aged public drunkenness. Do you know how much they paid to get out? $500.00. Now, I’m not a rocket scientist but it doesn’t take one to think hmmmmm this could be a little lopsided!! Because stealing hash browns could be dangerous to others, right? But driving under the influence and under aged public drunkeness… now that’s nothin!! Right??? Where’s the real story??? Think outside your little box!! But hey, I know you must have gotten a rush from belittling a 19 year old girl a little more!!! Very manly!!!