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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Deadspin HOF Nominee: Marques Slocum's F—k Lion

Illustration for article titled Deadspin HOF Nominee: Marques Slocums F—k Lion

Because we all really must be reminded of the genius that is the Fuck Lion, allow me to, once again, give the exact quote from Marques Slocum's brilliant Facebook page self-interrogation.

Do you own any pets, and if so what do you have? i got a fuck lion now come fuck wit me Who do you admire most? My mom CARLA, dat bitch da shit, i love her i think she da realest bitch alive When do you plan on getting married? it dont matta cuz i hope my wife know ima be playa 4 life


Sadly, Slocum is no longer a member of the Michigan Wolverines, which means this might be the one honor left that he has a chance at earning. It might be all he has. But yeah, still: I'm totally getting that fuck lion. But is he a Hall of Famer? Seventy five percent is the threshold for induction. Vote below: Polls will be open until next Monday afternoon. Vote like the wind.

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