His name is Brian Collins. He is the unfortunate soul above that we have come to know and love. First, he was a student sportscaster at Ball State University. Then, he worked at a television station in Waco, Texas, and eventually Alexandria, Minnesota. We thought the last chapter in his story was this display of self-awareness.

We were wrong. Or were we? From tipster Logan, we are informed that an alumnus of Ball State University's telecommunications department named—wait for it—Brian Collins, has decided to join the Army. The entire alumni newsletter is provided but here's the juicy nugget.


Military intelligence. Sounds like some real Patriot Games type stuff. Maybe he will be responsible for providing updates on various covert operations. "Passes it to the man, and—he didn't make it Colonel."

But, for all we know this is an entirely different Brian Collins. If you have any further information, please let us know.