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Deep Inside The Yankee-Marlin Fan Brawl

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We received some new "information" about the Yankee Fan-Marlin Fan fight video you all enjoyed so much, and while we didn't really confirm any of it, it's only fair to (sorta) tell at least one side of the story.


First, this message that came to us from a tipster unaffiliated with either party:

I found the yankees vs Marlins fans fight taken down [from YouTube] late Mon night. I emailed the director and asked why it was taken down and what his relation to the fight was

His reply was

"they asked for me to take the video down.

The yankees fan wife bought us tickets. thats my relation. my uncle knows them."

So a family friend of Yankee Fan was on camera, which helps explains the ultra sharp images. Good to know. But later on we found this message sent in through the comment section that may or may not be a personal message from Yankee Fan's wife. All sic'd of course and (again) unverified, so judge accordingly.

To all the idiots commenting about my daughter, she was crying because that is not her fathers usual conduct. We don't raise our children to be like that marlins fans son, taking punches at my husband. That's a great example. But when you have marlin low life's and thier wife and child involved in a brawl... they need to stay at their trailer home. Not that I justify what my husband did, he should of walked away from tjose idiots comments about me. The person who put this video on is a scumbag, especially focusing in on my daughter.(and to think he sat there for free thanks to me) . That nasty marlin gringo and nasty wife were out of line. As u can see the cops were very cordial with us and asked if we were OK... And the idiot who made the comment about :your daddys going to disappoint you 300 more times in your life time?? you are so ??? U obiviously had a horrible childhood... I pray u dont have kids. I can't believe i'm even responding, but you all need to get a life.


Tough, but fair. The fact that both messages referenced free tickets for the cameraman certainly lends credence to its authenticity. As does the description of "trailer home" Marlin "gringos." (Hey, she calls 'em as she sees 'em.) But wait there's more! Another anonymous, unverified comment from someone who didn't quite grasp my sarcastic use of quote marks.

Listen again before you slander someone like this. You are sadly mistaken and it amazes me that you can not hear for yourself what he says. His daughter is scared and crying and afraid he got hurt and he says "I'm Fine, I'm fine!" She says why are you are fighting and and he says "I'm not fighting its okay". I happen to know exactly what happened and how this fight started. I won't use names but The Marlins Fan called the Yankees fan's wife names that are so obscene I can not even say them here. He curses her out for five minutes before the Yankees Fan realizes he is talking to his wife. Then he walks over and defends his wife as any man should. By the way, as for the character and type of father this man is.....I happen to live right next door to him. He does not even know this is on the internet yet. He is home playing with his little girl right now who absolutely adores him. By the way, guess who got kicked out of the game...The Marlins Fan guy with the foul mouth while the Yankees Fan got to stay and finish the game with his family. What does that tell you! This all happened at Friday nights game and the next night, guess who was at the game. The Yankees Fan! How do I know..... Because this man whose character you are slandering bought 6 extra tickets to the game to so that my family could go as a surprise for my 10 year old kid who is battling cancer. He really must be the awful guy you all think. Oh and if you think it was a Marlins - Yankees Fight you are sadly mistaken. We came with him in our full Marlins Gear, sat right next to him, and he was thrilled the Marlins won that night for our kid. Maybe you should adjust your misquote and retype your article now!

So there you go. If Marlins Fan really is the instigator—although I wonder what would cause him to hurl so many unsolicited slurs at Mrs. Yankee Fan—then kudos, I guess, to YF for defending her honor. He does seem like a stand-up guy, despite his unfortunate decision to root for the team from the Bronx. Nobody's perfect.

Oh, and if Marlin Fan or any of his progeny would like to hurl some invective our way, we'll be more than happy to publish those too.


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