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Did ESPN Suspend Neil Everett? (Well, Apparently Not)

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We hate to ruin the pleasant vibe of an intensely giggle-inducing day, but multiple sources from the Bristol complex have told us "with 97 percent certainty" that anchor Neil Everett, who famously dropped a "You're With Me, Leather" reference on SportsCenter, has been suspended from the network for one week, starting immediately.


We haven't heard any official confirmation on this — these are often handled behind-the-scenes — so we can't say with 100 percent certainty that it's true. But our sources say the decision went down either yesterday or today, and he'll be off the air for a week. Our sources didn't know if it was with or without pay.

Again, we have nothing official on this. But if you happen to not see Neil on "SportsCenter" for the next seven days, you'll know why. We'll update if we hear confirmation or refutation.

It's OK, Neil: You're definitely still in our top 10 of anchors.

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(UPDATE: Neil Everett hosted the 1 a.m. ET "SportsCenter," so, you know, so much for that. Glad to see you're with us, Neil.)

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