Draymond Green Has Once Again Mocked LeBron James With His Championship Parade T-Shirt

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When the Warriors took to the streets of Oakland a year ago to celebrate their championship, Draymond Green marked the occasion by donning a “Quickie” t-shirt featuring the logo from the Cavs arena. There’s a long history of sartorial beef between the Warriors and the Cavs, and highlights from the other side of the aisle include LeBron’s Ultimate Warrior shirt and rude Halloween party decorations.

Naturally, Green was not about to let today’s parade go by without getting his jokes off.


His shirt is a reference to a classic LeBron James Instagram post.


LeBron still has a chance to own Green like he did last year, and if he wants to, he’s got plenty to mock him for. In other Warriors news, Nick Young appears to be enjoying his first championship J.R. Smith style.