Bacsik, the former Nats reliever and leading demographer of the American Southwest, has been fired by KTCK-AM's parent company for all that "dirty Mexicans" business on Twitter the other day. Because sports-talk radio is no place for casual racism and half-drunk stupidity.


Here's Barry Horn, of The Dallas Morning News:

Dan Bennett, market manager for Cumulus Media Inc., parent company of The Ticket, said the suspension was issued to allow further investigation. "When we got all the facts and were able to look at the entire situation, we made our decision," Bennett said.


Bacsik, 32, said he was "drunk at a bar" Sunday night as he watched the Mavericks lose Game 4 of their NBA playoff series to San Antonio. He began sending disparaging tweets that included "Congrats to all the dirty mexicans in San Antonio" and "If I get cancer and I'm going to die I wil blow NBA offices."


I don't know much about The Ticket, or about Bacsik and his body of work, except that it includes giving up a famous home run to Barry Bonds and being a very public moron on a very popular social network. But I do know that what Bacsik tweeted on Sunday is not appreciably worse than what transpires daily on Skippy and Goatface's Morning Sports Holocaust (or whatever your local drive-time sports-and-fascism hour is called), and hardly anyone ever gets fired for that stuff. I'm so glad that The Ticket is taking it upon itself to clean up the landfill that is sports-talk radio and not just shitcanning a nationally unpopular guy for PR reasons.

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