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Ed Hochuli Defends Truckers And Throws Flags

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We've marveled before at the being that is jacked-up NFL referee Ed Hochuli, his propensity to go after anyone who talks about him online, the very obvious man-crush Phil Simms has on him, so on.


Well, someone sent us the official biography of Hochuli on his law firm's Web site, and it's crammed to the gills with excellent information. Did you know that he actually founded his law firm? Or that one of his specialties is "Trucking and Transportation Industry Defense?" Or that he was named one of the Best Lawyers in America for 2003-2004 and 2005-2006? (Ed, what happened in 04-05? Work harder, dude!) And, most of all, that he, in fact, has hair?

Oh, and they publish his email address too. But don't get any ideas!

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