Have you been trying to leave comments on Deadspin for years only to be stymied at every turn by heartless, humorless combudsmen? You've always known that if you could just get that first comment approved, then everyone would see how funny you really are, right? Well, today's your lucky day, camper, because now you too can leave comments on Deadspin!

Since the great Comment Redesign of Aught-Eight, there has been a curious grayed-out option skulking down around the bottom of every post. "Coming soon: comment using your Facebook account," it says. Today, soon has arrived. You already spend half your workday stalking people on Facebook, you might as well combine it with your other major productivity-killing activity (that'd be Deadspin, slow kids). Instead of logging into Deadspin with a username or email address, you can use your Facebook login information and your comment will automatically be approved. No longer will the tyranny of the combudsman keep you from making hilarious one-liners about the sports-related news of the day!

Did I mention there'd be a catch? Because there's always a catch. Your automatically-approved comments will appear under your real name with a link to your Facebook profile. Make fun of Caitlin Davis and her Marine boyfriend can track you down to discuss your differences over tea (as soon as he, you know, gets out of Iraq and whatnot). Make fun of Mrs. Wilfork and, well, I shudder to think what might become of you. You will also be subject to the harsh verbal barbs of the Deadspin commentariat, a fate worse than...something, I'm sure.


Of course, with freedom comes responsibility. The same commenting rules we discussed on Wednesday are still in effect, and I won't hesitate to use the velvety banhammer if necessary. Additionally, if you the Deadspin reader should see a comment that is out of bounds even for Deadspin, please bring it to my attention via email and I will review it.


Let's all give the new commenters a hearty Deadspin welcome, shall we? This oughta be fun.