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In Game 4 of the Greek A-1 League finals between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, referees declared Panathinaikos the winner after Olympiakos fans interrupted the game by shooting a flare at the Panathinaikos team and staff. Holy shitkos.

The game had been previously delayed when fans tossed garbage and chairs onto the court and then lit fireworks under the Panathinaikos bench. A plea for sanity by a member of the Olympiakos team went unanswered. So Panathinaikos was given its third win and thus a series victory. I'm sure the 24-hour news cycle in Greece is spinning out of control right now.


Greens defend championship title in chaotic Game Four [Eurobasket]

UPDATE: I knew this looked familiar. It's apparently a tradition over there. H/T Bentern.

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