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Forget Steve Ballmer, Body-Rollin' Mop Boy Is The Truth [Update: He's A Goddamn Fraud]

Everyone had a good laugh at Clippers owner Steve Ballmer when he Dadded the fuck out during a live Fergie performance at last night's Clippers game, but while we were all giggling at the sweaty bald man, we missed the real star of the show.

Update: Body-Rollin' Mop Boy appears to have been a plant, because nothing good can ever really happen in this world.


Please give it up for body-rollin' mop boy:

Look at my man. My man has lived an anonymous young life, mopping up the sweat of the rich and famous but never getting to break off a little bit of their shine for himself. Well, that all changed last night. Fergie got a little too close to body-rollin' mop boy, and body-rollin' mop boy did not miss his opportunity to be great. He body rolled right in Fergie's face—"Boooom, yeah, you like that?" he probably said to himself while he did it—and then got right back to mopping.

That's my favorite part, his immediate return to his pre-body rollin' state. He's not a ham, that body-rollin' mop boy, he's just a kid who knows when it's time to get his.

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