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Former NBA'er A "Heavily Armed Heroin Addict" With Grenade Launcher

Last month police raided the home of one Trygve Lief Bjorkstam and found drugs, guns, prostitutes...and former Sonics center Robert Swift. According to KOMO News police have finally charged Swift with a gun crime in connection with the raid after a "military-style grenade launcher" (!!) and sawed-off shotgun, among other weapons, were found in the bedroom that Swift was living in.


Bjorkstam actually sounds like a chill bro—once you get past the whole "amassing an 18-gun arsenal to protect his drug business" thing—telling police that Swift was a "good guy" who didn't actually deal drugs but was helping him collect a heroin debt. The news story really is incredible for just how frightening the house sounded. Police found a frying pan blackened with burned heroin in a safe, seven guns "on or under" Swift's bed, and an underground bunker that was used as a shooting range (just 300 feet from a school), after previously having been a marijuana grow.

But wait, there's more! Attached to the story is a photo gallery that has a photo of all of the weapons police seized—like a katana, a knife sticking out of a tree for some reason, and someone sitting on the ground surrounded by police who looks suspiciously like Robert Swift.


[KOMO News]

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