Matt Light played offensive tackle for the New England Patriots for 10 years, and was a teammate of Aaron Hernandez for two seasons. On Tuesday, he was asked about Hernandez by a columnist from the Dayton Daily News.

“I never talk about other guys, but I will say I have never embraced - never believed in - anything Aaron Hernandez stood for,” Light finally said.

The recently-retired Light - who won three Super Bowl rings and went to four Pro Bowls in his 11 year career - insinuated that Hernandez, with whom he played alongside for two years, has always had his own agenda - and it wasn’t a good one.

Light now sounds prophetic.

I'm not sure "prophetic" is really the right word to use there. Light's not exactly going out on a limb by throwing some dirt on a guy who's currently facing a first-degree murder charge, and, "I never liked the guy anyway!" doesn't really equal, "I always knew he would be accused of murder!" But I digress.

Light should expect to hear from scores of NFL teams that are interested in making him their new general manager. The guy obviously knows a dillweed when he sees one.

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