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Freddie Mitchell Is Here To Set The Record Straight

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Last we'd heard from Freddie Mitchell, he was being investigated after a 7-pound package of weed was delivered to one of his restaurant businesses in Florida. Before that, he was allegedly substitute teaching. Now? Blogging.


Unfortunately, this is not a parody site. No, Fred-Ex/The People's Champ/First Down Fred interacts with the smattering of fans still left in the world still hopeful the man born with hands carefully constructed by God will someday rejoin an NFL team. The bulk of the site is dedicated to Mitchell answering various e-mail questions from people more lonely and delusional than himself.

Observe the [Sic'd]:

EagleYankee22: "Freddie, you're the man! The miracle of 4th and 26 is one of the greatest receptions in Eagles history. Why don't you think the Eagles used you as much as they could have?"

Fred Sez: Thanks Eagle … I think that the powers that be made that decision, possibly because my relationship with Donovan wasn't all that comfortable …

kory's stuff: Freddie ...i loved the dallas scramble...Greatest moment ever.Did u ever try and talk to coach Reid about gettin back to philly ? Hell it worked for trot eatin some humble pie.

Fred Sez: Kory, a big misconception here is that I was cut from the team, when in fact, I asked Coach Reid to be released. Thinking back on it now, I should have gone to the media and informed them first that I was asking to be released, rather than it looking like I was being cut from the team.


Kyle Garis: When you were a substitute teacher, did any kids ever hand in a test and say "I just want to thank my #2 Pencil for being so great"?

Fred Sez: Kyle, the substitute teacher thing was a big rumor … I did an appearance at the school, but my main reason for being there was to gather some valuable information on my little girls Mother's, brother. I guess you could call it Freddie Mitchell undercover cop!


And there's so much more. I only hope that Freddie doesn't get unjustly blackballed by the internet as he was by the NFL.

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