Previously, we asked you for gift ideas of cool, sports-related art. You didn't disappoint. Here's some of what you came up with:

"Bobby Knight" from Lessons in Sport. This print is just one of a number of awesome, minimalist images available from the Lessons in Sport store. Most are subtle hints to a famous sporting event or story with full recognition coming by seeing the title. At the very least, check out the blog. [Lessons in Sport]

Via Tom Ley

"AGUEROOOOO" by Andy Mallalieu. This poster comes from the site Form & Glory, which is sort of the British cousin to the above mentioned Lessons in Sport. [Form & Glory]

Via terriblehuman

"Iverson Print" by Jacob Weinstein. Here again is but one selection from the treasure trove that is all the Free Darko art. [Jacob Weinstein]

Via Tom Ley

Sadaharu Oh Limited Edition Giclee Print by Summer Anne Burton. We've featured Burton's work here before, specifically her plan to draw every member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. As well as offering this print, you can commission her for a hand drawing of your favorite baseball player. Of course, if you just want her to draw your idol without purchasing the outcome, you could vote him into the Hall yourself. [Every Hall of Famer]

Via Hecuba and a Polo

"The Kentucky Derby is Decadent & Depraved" by Rachael Sinclair. If you know someone who likes horse racing, gonzo journalism, and/or Hunter S. Thompson, this is the perfect gift. [eBay]

Via TheInfantTyrone

"L'Assassino" by J.O. Applegate. Kobe returned from injury before Christmas, but this print showing the Black Mamba up to his predatory ways would still be a welcome present for any fan of the man. [Bounce Bounce Bounce]

Via Tom Ley

A Visual Compendium of Sneakers from Pop Chart Lab. This site has a bunch of cool charts, ranging from shoes, stadiums, school mascot names, even superpowers. [Pop Chart Lab]

Via Captain_Crutch

Paper-Cuts by Nathan McKee. Paper-Cuts are a series of similarly-styled prints, mainly of various athletes. Here's Dr. J seen from the ground. [Cargo Collective]

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