Gobble it up! Here’s the NFL’s Week 1 and Thanksgiving schedules

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Bucs/Cowboys. Sept. 9. It begins.
Bucs/Cowboys. Sept. 9. It begins.
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We’re months away from NFL kickoff and you probably have some questions heading into the 2021 season. Some have easy answers like, will fans be allowed? Or, can I actually club in the new Raiders stadium? Yes and Yes! Unh-sss-uhn-sss-uhn-sss…

But there are other questions we won’t have answers to for some time, like: Will an NFC East team have a winning record? Who will be on Hard Knocks? And, what does the full season schedule look like? Well, that announcement is coming at 8 p.m. ET. For now, we can eat up some crumbs the NFL has already given us.


The league released their Week One schedule this morning. It’s an obvious marketing ploy to create more intrigue for the schedule release show later tonight. And I guess it worked. Because here I am, writing about it. And there you are, reading. I see you.

Anyhoo, the season opens on Thursday night, September 9, with the Cowboys at the defending champion Bucs. Personally, I don’t know of a better way to start the season than a Dallas L and Cowboy fans silent before Sunday. The NFL schedule release is 1-0 so far.


Then we have that sweet, sweet first full Sunday slate of games. Trevor Lawrence will make his debut against the Texans, Sam Darnold’s first game as a Panther will be against his old team, and I’m also looking forward to watching the Falcons find a way to lose to the Eagles, even with their new unicorn.

The Packers/Saints game is in the late window. That matchup would’ve been awesome if it was announced a few weeks ago. Now, it looks like we’ll get a Jordan Love vs. Winston/Hill matchup. [Woo.]

The Bears are optimistic after drafting Justin Fields, but they’re also in primetime to start the season — which is never a good sign if you’re a Bears fan.

You can take a look at the entire week 1 slate below.

Thursday Night: Cowboys at Bucs

Sunday (Early Window)

  • Eagles at Falcons
  • Steelers at Bills
  • Jets at Panthers
  • Vikings at Bengals
  • Niners at Lions
  • Jaguars at Texans
  • Seahawks at Colts
  • Cardinals at Titans
  • Chargers at Washington

Sunday (Late Window)

  • Browns at Chiefs
  • Dolphins at Patriots
  • Packers at Saints
  • Broncos at Giants

Sunday Night: Bears at Rams

Monday Night: Ravens at Raiders

The NFL also announced two London games in October: Jets vs. Falcons and Dolphins vs. Jaguars. It’s nice, at least, that another country has to deal with the Jets for a week. We can only handle their stench for so long.


The Thanksgiving games have been leaked, too. Aside from the prospect of getting to see Justin Fields under center for Chicago, they look pretty underwhelming, as usual.


I know the Lions Thanksgiving experience is cool and all, but do we really have to keep watching them every Turkey Day?