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Disgraced former Rams, former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is taking some time off to find himself, after being given a year to do so for his role in New Orleans's bounty scandal. Last we heard, he was backpacking through northern Thailand and spending time with the native tribes, but more recently he's gotten back to a much more familiar environment: firing up football players.


Williams was back at his old high school, Excelsior Springs (Mo.), and before the Tigers' first home game, gave a speech that may or may not have involved the killing of heads.

"Once a Tiger, always a Tiger. I am still a Tiger and I always will be," said Williams while he addressed the Tiger team in the high school locker room. "If I could just have one more chance, one more night to go out on that field and play one last game. Now, tonight, it's your turn."

Austin Woods was in the locker room and said Williams' talk motivated all of the players, "He added on to what Coach Sims said and it made us all want to show what we could do," Woods explained. "We wanted to show everyone that we could go out there and win. It was really cool he had this whole speech ready for us."


Williams lifted Tiger spirits in the locker room-he had the defensive players looking to guard every blade of grass on the field. He explained to the offensive players to simply keep control of the ball. By the time the Tigers left the locker room and between the uplifting pre-game talks from both Sims and Williams, the defensive boys weren't about to give an inch on the line and the offense planned to gain every yard they could.


The Tigers went out and a handed a 42-0 buttwhipping to their opponents, also the Tigers (because this is high school, and 60 percent of teams are either the Tigers or the Wildcats). I've looked at the opposing school's game recap, and it doesn't appear that anyone was seriously injured.

Tiger tough: 42-0 says it all [Excelsior Springs Standard]

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