Gregg Williams Sure Looks Like A Big Stupid Dumbass This Morning

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Photo: Krik Irwin (Getty)

To be fair to Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, he didn’t start the sniping with Odell Beckham Jr. last week. Beckham kicked things off by (rightfully) pointing out that Williams coaches his players to make dirty hits. Given that Beckham is very good and the Jets are... well, the Jets, Williams would have been wise to just ignore those comments in the days leading up to last night’s game, which the Browns won 23-3. But salty old Gregg just had to open his mouth, first pretending like he didn’t know who Beckham is, and then sassily challenging a reporter’s description of Beckham as a “dynamic playmaker.” Look what that got you, Gregg!


Beckham finished the game with six catches for 161 yards and a touchdown, and was without a doubt the most dynamic player on the field. Afterwards, he couldn’t help but rub Williams’s nose in it a bit, first by stealing the grumpy coach’s bit and pretending not to know who he is, and then by thanking Williams for inspiring his great game:

The postgame comment that carried the most sting, though, was probably this one from Baker Mayfield, who could only shake his head in disbelief and disgust upon being informed of Williams’s comment from last week:


Let this be a lesson to all members of the Jets organization: You are not allowed to talk shit about any other player or team in the league, because there’s a 99-percent chance doing so will blow up in your face. Not even the Dolphins!