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Boy, man, is Mark Cuban's billion-dollar penis ever gonna come out and play tonight.

The Dallas Mavericks just beat the San Antonio Spurs 119-111 in San Antonio, in overtime, to win their best-of-seven series and advance to the Western Conference Finals. They will play the winner of the Clippers-Suns game, which, unless you're west of Denver right now, there's no way you're making it all the way to the end of.

The key was a three-point play — three the hard way, as the rappers say — by Dirk Nowitzki at the end of regulation, tying the game with his obviously David Hasselhoff-inspired free throw. It's a party in Dallas tonight; like Michael Irvin needs another excuse.


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(We're going to bed, but True Hoop is live-blogging the Suns-Clippers game.)