Here Are Some Other Potential Locations For MLB Games

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Photo: Jonathan Daniel (Getty Images)

On Thursday, the Yankees, White Sox, and MLB announced a partnership to play a regular-season game next year at—or, more precisely, near—the iconic Field of Dreams. This follows the recent trend of the league scheduling meaningful games in non-traditional places like Japan, Mexico, and London.

This celebration of the 31-year anniversary of Kevin Costner’s saccharine baseball epic got us thinking about other possible locations around the world that could host an MLB game. Here are some suggestions that would be just as good, if not better, than a cornfield in Iowa:

  • Eckman Acres from Backyard Baseball
  • The laundromat on the corner of where the Polo Grounds used to be
  • The bottom of the Grand Canyon
  • Midtown Manhattan, but the pitchers and hitters are on rooftops and the fielders are spread out on ground level
  • The course at St. Andrews, during the British Open
  • Mackinac Island
  • The farm upstate where all of your childhood pets went
  • The field from Hardball’s “Big Poppa” scene, with Keanu Reeves as manager of both teams
  • The National Mall
  • On the deck of the Freewinds, the Church of Scientology’s old boat headquarters
  • Massacre Rim, but with no lights
  • A crowded alleyway, with a mop handle as the bat, glass bottles for bases, and local street toughs providing security
  • The moon
  • The exploding oil rig from There Will Be Blood
  • FIFA’s Switzerland HQ
  • The desert around the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan
  • The actual Gates of Hell
  • Camden Yards