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Here Are The Full Police Reports From Tiger Woods's DUI Arrest

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Jupiter police have released a bunch of police reports from the morning its officers arrested Tiger Woods and charged him with driving under the influence. The reports line up with what was in the documents published this morning by the Palm Beach Post, but do give more details from officers about the condition they found the pro golfer in, how he answered their questions, and his performance on the sobriety test.


Officer Matthew Palladino first approached Woods’s black 2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG S65 after he noticed it stopped in the right lane, partially blocking the bike lane, on southbound Military Trail with its brake lights and right turn signal on, according to his police report. Inside, Palladino found Woods asleep behind the wheel. Palladino shined his flashlight, which got Woods to wake up. Woods moved slowly, Palladino wrote in his report, but eventually got the car in park and opened the window. He told Palladino, per the report, that he was coming from Jupiter, Fla., and going to Jupiter, Fla. More officers arrived, and a report from Officer Christopher Fandrey, who administered the field sobriety test, provides the most details about what happened next. Fandrey also talked to Woods, and said Woods told him that he was in L.A:  

At this time I repositioned my Jupiter Police Department patrol vehicle to the front of Woods’ vehicle. I then exited my vehicle and made contact with Woods. While speaking with Woods I observed his slow mumbled and slurred speech. I asked Woods where he was coming from to which he stated “LA” and I then asked where he was coming from tonight to which he stated LA again and that he was on his way down to Orange County. It should be noted that Orange County California is to the south of LA California. I asked Woods if he knew where he was at to which he stated he had no idea. I asked Woods if he had anything to drink to which he stated no, I then asked him again if he was sure to and he stated he had nothing to drink. I identified myself as Ofc. Fandrey from the Jupiter Police Department. I then informed Woods that he was in Jupiter Florida. I asked Woods if he had taken any medication to which he stated . I asked Woods if he had taken any illegal drugs to which he stated no. Based on my observations I believed Woods to be under the influence to the extent that he could not operate a motor vehicle.

Woods also had trouble tying his shoes, Fandrey wrote, eventually taking them off.

I asked Woods to exit his vehicle to which he complied. While exiting his vehicle he utilized the door to maintain his balance while exiting his vehicle. It should be noted that Woods was swaying and was using his arms to balance. I asked Woods if he wished to tie his shoes and he originally stated no that he could not get down that far. I asked Woods to walk to the front of my patrol car to which he complied. Woods then put his right foot on the front grill of my patrol vehicle in an attempt to retie his shoe. Woods then placed his right foot down and lifted his left foot on the grill of the patrol vehicle. At this point Woods was swaying and nearly lost his balance so I asked Woods if he wished to take off of his shoes. Woods removed his shoes and left them under the front end of my patrol vehicle .


Woods later told the Fandrey, when asked again, that he was in “Jupiter FL,” although the officers writes this was after he had told the golfer that he was in Jupiter. He also told Fandrey that he did not know where he was going, he “just likes to drive,” according to the report. The report also repeats what was in the documents from the Post this morning: Woods said he hadn’t consumed alcohol but had taken medication. The name of the medication isn’t given; the word right after medication is mentioned was redacted by police. The documents published by the Post listed “soloxex,” “vicodin,” “torix” and “viox,”

During his field sobriety test, Woods’s eyes were described as “extremely droopy and his pupils were dilated,” per the report. He swayed back and forth. He didn’t follow the light with his eyes, sometimes just closing them, and he “was not following directions to place his feet together with his heel touching and toes touching,” the report said. Finally, Fandrey wrote he felt that he couldn’t finish the test with Woods:

After several attempts of instructing Woods through the task I believed that I was going to be unable to complete the HGN task due to Woods not following the directions.


Woods also was not able to follow the white line with his feet, one at a time, Fandrey wrote. It took multiple tries to get Woods to touch his finger to his nose, Fandrey wrote, and when he did “he did not bring his hand back down for approximately 15 seconds.” Woods recited the alphabet when asked, but first “began to walk off and seemed as if he was lost.”

Before having the car towed, Officer Nicholas Imperiale wrote that the following damage was found on it:

... driver’s side front and rear rims were damaged and their respective tires were flat, the front bumper on the driver’s side was damaged, and there were some white scrapes and scuff marks on the rear bumper, and the passenger side tail light appeared to be out.


The full police reports are below.

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