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Here's A Photo Of James Harrison Sucking At Dodgeball

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It seems James Harrison has given this offseason dodgeball thing a try before. A reader named Kristofer just emailed me the action shot you see above; the photo shows the Steelers linebacker following through on one of his candy-armed throws at Pittsburgh's Allegheny Y last winter. Kristofer also said said Harrison was not the only Steelers player to have played in the dodgeball league:

Just wanted to add a bit about the James Harrison dodgeball story. I've played in that dodgeball league before, and James also played part-time at least in the winter 2012 season in the same location. Former Steelers punter Daniel Sepulveda was a full-time member of that team, and rumor was that other Steelers would sometimes fill in. James Farrior and Larry Foote were the names I heard, but who knows.

I took the attached photo on Feb 29, 2012 when my team played his team. I was a little too scared of him to take more than one. He was a good sport and other than being naturally intimidating, no issues. As others have said, he wasn't very good at throwing, but definitely good at catching. Daniel Sepulveda was actually outstanding with a wicked curve and dip on his throws.


That's right: Even the Steelers' often-injured former punter is a better dodgeball player than James Harrison.


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