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James Harrison Sucks At Dodgeball

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We told you last night about Steelers linebacker James Harrison's newest avocation as a headhunter dodgeball player for a team called the Ball Busters. Our post generated a few responses from folks affiliated with the Pittsburgh Sports League, which organizes the dodgeball teams that include Harrison's. The league competes at the Allegheny YMCA on Pittsburgh's North Side, which is about a 15-minute walk from Heinz Field.


Our correspondents were not very complimentary of Harrison's skills as a dodgeballer.


Says Michael, who was first to send us the team photo you see above:

My buddy played his team and said he was not very good and that he was yelling at teammates throughout the game

Kirk, who plays on the team that was matched up against Harrison's on Wednesday night, clarified by saying Harrison "definitely wasn't yelling at his teammates for bad plays or anything, but he was coaching them pretty loudly at times." Kirk also sent along a more detailed report:

We are Team 8 (ROSS A) and Harrison played on Team 1 (Rebecca M). As you can see in the standings, it was a clash of the titans [Wednesday] night.

The game was at 6:30pm. Harrison showed up right at the beginning of the first game. In PSL dodgeball, you play 11 games in a night, with each game lasting roughly 5 minutes. Harrison played in about 8 of 11 games, showing his endurance may be suspect heading into the 2013 season. However, the other team also had numerous subs so that could have factored into his decision to sit out. I say "his decision" because who is going to tell Harrison to take a seat?

On the court, Harrison displayed excellent agility and ball catching skills, but unexpectedly lacked the big arm. He started the first few games throwing decently hard, but eventually started rolling the balls across the court to avoid having his balls caught. Some scouts might speculate that fatigue could have been a factor. Notably, Harrison made a spectacular one-handed catch with one ball already in his other hand. You can't teach size and wingspan. In the end, Harrison led his team to a 7.5 to 3.5 games victory [Wednesday] night.

He was having fun the whole time, except during that picture haha. He definitely played with a lot of swag out there.


We also heard from Greg Mitrik, the director of the Pittsburgh Sports League. He wanted us to know "head shots are illegal haha."

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