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Here's How Rick Reilly's Twitter "Jokes" Played At Open Mic Night

Boston radio guys Toucher & Rich had the best bit this morning. There's fury around the Deadspin office that we didn't think of it first. They sent phone screener/factotum Adolfo Gonzalez to a comedy club, armed with a series of actual jokes from Rick Reilly's Twitter feed.

Here's how it went:

A sample, for those of you who cringe at the thought of eavesdropping on public humiliation.

"Why is the NFL risking a $9-billion biz on a 10-cent ref squabble? It's like letting Snooki do your taxes because you're mad at your accountant."

[Dead silence]

"Played 18 [holes] with Michael Phelps Tuesday. Has a nice swing. Plus, when he drives into the water hazard, he just dives in and gets it."

[Dead silence]

"Cops say a former woman pro tennis ref bludgeoned her husband to death with a coffee cup. One lump or two?"

[Dead silence]

My god. On tape, they're awful, but they're even worse when you just see them written out. Which is sad because that's how they were meant to be enjoyed. A reminder that Rick Reilly is earning more than $3 million this year.


Toucher & Rich: Comedian ‘Vick Reilly' Bombs At Open Mic Night [CBS Boston]

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