Photo credit: David J. Phillip/AP

Marlins president David Samson is one of those rich guys who likes to do not-rich-guy things in order to show how cool and down to earth he is. He went on Survivor, and in 2014 he starred in a play put on by a local Miami theater called Not Ready For Primetime. The play was about the early days of SNL, and Samson played Lorne Michaels.

This video was taken during a private performance of the play, a kind of table read, put on for a group of community leaders in March of 2014. Samson gets going around the 2:15 mark, and he doesn’t acquit himself any worse than the other actors on the stage. He even says some curse words!

When the play eventually premiered, it did not receive a great review from the Miami Herald, although Samson’s performance was regarded as a strength:

Not Ready for Primetime marks Samson’s stage debut in a full-length play. Though Samson, who’s clearly into trying new things, was the first person kicked off the current edition of Survivor, he holds his own in Primetime. As the sometime narrator and a driving character, Samson radiates a presence and confidence undoubtedly accrued from his day job. His speaking voice has a bit of a Michael Douglas timbre to it, and if his Lorne gets mired in repeated instances of ranting then relenting, that’s the writing, not the actor.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed receiving this information about Marlins president David Samson.