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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Heres Video Of The Time Brian Wilson Made Lopez Tonight Watchable For Nine Minutes

Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants closer and medium through which people can communicate with The Machine, went on George Lopez's television show the other night. He was dressed like a boat captain. Likes: Old Spice and Red Lobster. Dislikes: Water.

At one point, Lopez says, "Speaking of seamen, you went in the off-season to Thailand." To which Brian Wilson responds, "Sure did. Heh heh. Well, I did do some activities that I'm proud of. I did what any normal, 28-year-old single male would do in a foreign country. I had a lot of massages. No, let's not get out of ourselves, my man. They were strictly sexual. I don't think that's what I meant to say. They were consentual."


Then, Lopez gets into "release" which makes Wilson think "he gets it."

That's when they start talking about The Machine.

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