On Monday we learned why Hannah Storm had been off the air for three weeks: her propane grill blew up in her face, a "wall of fire" that burned off half her hair and left her with second degree burns on her hands, chest, and face.

Storm was back on ABC for the Rose Parade yesterday, looking none the worse for wear. Her hand was bandaged, and she needed hair extensions ("When the makeup artist brushed a false eyebrow on me, I almost stood up and kissed her"), but that's about it—amazing considering the images Storm shared with ABC World News last night, taken days after the accident. They show Storm's skin red, cracked and blistered, her facial hair gone.

Storm says she's eager to get back to work, and isn't feeling sorry for herself. "I was by far the most fortunate person in my burn unit," she said. She also offers a PSA for those of you grilling with propane and propane accessories: if you press the igniter button and it doesn't light, turn off the gas and give the grill a few minutes before trying again. The gas is heavier than air, and needs time to dissipate. The more you know.


[via Bob's Blitz]