Between the gaffes he continually made while running for office and the money that we know he raised — and still has left over — it’s easy to see just how dangerous Walker was as a candidate, as he was a threat to society. Walker was a representative of how dirty the Republican Party will play — there’s no basement with them. His lack of civil awareness, let alone a political background, pointed to how the GOP would do anything to gain power and maintain privilege.

“I think a lot of Republicans are hoping we’ll be pleasantly surprised, but there aren’t a lot of indications out there to base that on,” Jason Shepherd, former chair of the Cobb County GOP, told Politico last year about Walker’s chances before Election Day. “Just a lot of hope and faith in things unseen. It’s the Christmas season, after all.”


Walker’s absence from the public eye correlates with his non-existence from the spotlight before he was chosen as the GOP’s Black puppet in an important race in which his opponent was a distinguished and polished incumbent who was the first Black Senator in Georgia’s history. The fact that a runoff election was needed to end Walker’s political career was shocking, to some. But the realization that he has all this money left over from his campaign is what’s scary. If people are willing to give millions to fund someone like Herschel Walker, then the next former athlete Republicans think can win an election/popularity contest will get even more.