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Don't you feel safe?: Fear not, citizens of Dubai. None of your ice sport endeavors will escape the reassuring gaze of your mighty protector. (Seriously, don't try anything.) [Orland Kurtenblog]

The Boomin' System: Be glad you don't live on Alfonso Soriano's street. [Home Run Derby]


Ice ice baby: Cowboy and Packer fans share a tender moment on the highway between Phoenix and LA. There were no survivors. [No Joshin']

The loser now will be later to win: Sports talk radio guys will argue about the sun coming up if it will fill 30 minutes of airtime. [Me Gusta!]

What did they do to deserve Antoine Walker?: Cedric Maxwell thinks that Len Bias was God's punishment to the Celtics because Red Auerbach wasn't nice to Gerald Henderson. Makes sense to me. [kenneth in the (212)]

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