Holland House At The Olympics Had A Designated Sex Room

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DEADCAST: How the Olympics Should Work
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I know that the Olympics fades from the collective consciousness the second the closing ceremonies end, if not sooner! But this week, Deadspin Olympics correspondent Hannah Keyser came onto the DEADCAST to debrief us on her time in Pyeongchang and ended up giving us an EXCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE LOOK at how your Olympics sausage is made. It turns out that every country has its own house and that the Netherlands house, which was NOT located in the Olympic Village, was the house everyone wanted to party at, because of course it was. They even had a designated room where you could fuck! HOW ABOUT THAT?

But Roth and I had even more questions about what goes on behind the scenes. What are the best sports to watch live? What’s the food like? Which country had the coolest athletes? And, for real, what’s with those horny Canadian ice dancers? When Keyser tried to get to the bottom of the “Are they fucking?” question, one of Scott Moir’s friends gave her a throat slash gesture. WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?


Oh, but fair listener, there is more goodness for your precious little ears. We also answer YOUR Funbag questions about traffic, dogs, Tom Emanski videos, wings, and more.

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