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Zane Brugenhemke has plenty of photos of Cy the Iowa State Cyclones mascot on his Facebook page. This isn't some sort of weird furry fetish, for Zane Brugenhemke is Cy and Cy is Zane Brugenhemke.

Five minutes after this morning's "Did Some UConn Fans Break The Iowa State Mascot's Arm Last Night?" went live, he Tweeted, "i am that mascot who's arm got broke... having surgery tomorrow in omh. feel free to contact me if any questions." Try to contact him, we did, but get a response, we did not.


However, he posted on shortly thereafter. Here's what he wrote:

hey guys figured id update all on the cy situation.

it was me in the suit and without going into much detail about legal issues im working out i will say i am back home in council bluffs and having surgery with a arm specialist in omaha tomorrow.

i managed to break my ulna in 2 places and radius in one spot. i will try to update all after surgery tomorrow,

thanks for all the support cyclone nation

It was met with well wishes for a speedy recovery.

Cy mascot got a broken arm? [Cyclone Fanatic]

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