With everyone up in arms about the possibility of Gilbert Arenas leaving the Wizards, we thought we'd look at whether or not he would actually leave. After all, Gilbert is that rare superstar athlete who seems human and likable, and the average fan doesn't like to see a guy like that just — all together not — "Just Going After The Money." Of course, just going after the money makes him the same as about every fan in America, but regardless.

But would he actually leave? Gilbert is as popular in the DC area as Jamie Mottram, and almost as handsome. Is he seriously considering bolting, or is it just a contract ploy?

We knew only one man to ask: Our own unsilent majority, rock star at Kissing Suzy Kolber and intern for life at Wizznutzz. The guy is as big an expert in all matters Wizard as anyone we knew who doesn't dress up like a wizard for games. His thoughts about Gilbert's possible exit are after the jump.

As a long suffering fan of Les Boulez, I'd like to invite everyone to just relax. Bloggers and ESPN television personalities alike seem so eager to blow up the non-story of Gilbert Arenas' contract plans. Despite my admitted man-crush on the one called Zero, I refuse to cave in to the media's campaign of fear. His decision to opt out of his existing contract didn't come as a surprise to anyone in or around the organization, yet nobody (from the fans on up) have felt the need to panic because everybody saw it coming.


Ernie Grunfeld, the undisputed leader of the front office, let it be known that he's expected and planned for Gilbert's decision for quite some time. And how could he not? The Washington Post's Ivan Carter has been talking about the possibility for two months. Hell, Gilbert first started talking about opting out last year. Somehow people have gotten it in their heads that "opt out" is a secret way of saying "get me the fuck out of here," when, in reality, it means "it's time to get paid."

I've heard all sorts of reasons why he'd leave but none has been backed by logic. Say what you will about Gilbert's eccentricities, he's always been a logical person (the free agency coin flip was a joke). After three seasons under his contract with the Wizards, Gilbert has developed himself into a superstar both on and off the court. Taking advantage of the clause in his contract in order to secure a new max contract is just downright logical. Gilbert is looking for longterm security and a place where he can build a winner, two things the Wizards have been eager to provide for their young star.

When free agency rolls around 12 months from now, everybody with the means will be throwing max offers at him, but only the Wizards can guarantee him six years. All that's left is sorting out the perks, and Gilbert sure as hell doesn't need an agent to negotiate his yearly cake allotment from his beloved Grandpa Pollin (although obtaining the pit bull treadmills in the locker room could be a stretch, given recent circumstances in the world of sports).


Simply put, there's no reason for to go anywhere else. This is his home, it's where he's raising a family, it's where he's loved, and it's where he reigns supreme as The Black President (which makes him more powerful than Eleanor Holmes Norton) . And if does leave he knows that we'll find him. Remember, we're a bunch of crazy fuckers.

So please everyone, forget the doomsday theories because we've got enough shit to worry about. Just keep breathing, and don't hesitate to call if you forget your mantra.

For a closer look at the financial details, drink in the Kool Aid with Nate Jones over at Fanhouse; he knows what's up. Now I have to get back to the Mothering Hut before Darvin and Jaarko wake up.


-Unsilent Majority, Wizznutzz Intern for Life