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It's The Festive Season In Bristol

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We missed the official Gawker Media holiday party last week, which is probably for the best; it's all just a bunch of drunk 22-year-olds over there anymore anyway. And, unfortunately, we're not gonna be able to sneak into the ESPN party tomorrow night. Actually, it's not that unfortunate; it sounds like it's gonna be less fun than usual this year.


A source inside ESPN tells us that this year, all the good party favors are being taken away.

The ESPN Holiday party is this Thursday, and for the first time ever, no hard liquor will be served ... that's the strong rumor anyway. Beer & wine only. WTF. Some speculate that it's all an effort to make sure Salisbury keeps it in his pants, but it the general feeling is that it's all a part of Skippers "cost saving" initiatives.

It probably is. The "offcial story" is that there were fights at last years party, and they want to keep everyone cool. whatever. no mixed drinks, just Smirnoff ices. Nothing like rewarding people for working at a lower pay of rate for the "honor" of working for the WWL.

First off ... there were fights last year? And that's the "official" story? We love the idea of ESPN cutting costs by skimping on the hard liquor; whatever avoids a Salisbury moment.

Seriously, we should try to sneak in this party.