Well, that's the week. Here are some of the things on Deadspin that may have titillated and enlightened, or made you feel ashamed to be a member of upright-walking society.

A-Rod had a rough week.

Peter Gammons wishes he handled that interview better

There's a Pants Party in your future


The fallout from the Michael Phelps bong photo continues

Dogs find many ways to keep warm in Westminster


Swimsuits make the ladies swoon

Jamal Anderson just loves hanging with white boys


Oh, and for your own personal reference, this is what the Sideline Princess covets in her Valentine's Day suitors:

I think just fixing up the house, lighting a bunch of candles and getting a few bottles of wine would be perfect. If a guy wants to spend some dough, that's different. But if someone isn't working with a big budget, candles and wine are a good way to go.

So drunk arsonists are welcome.


TOMORROW: Matt Sussman pops in to live blog the Dunk Contest. I'll dick around a little bit. Sunday marks the return of Marcel Mutoni to the weekend crew to give you all your NBA All-Star Shitshow news.


Next week, I officially move away from the 215 and back to the 917. Cobble Hill residents beware: I am setting up permanent residence in your neighborhood. So if anybody near that location needs to borrow sugar or get their plants watered while they're away, please just knock.

Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. And don't ever feel like you need to be professionally beautiful for anybody...

See you soon.