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Yes, recently suspended pitcher J.C. Romero did work in (and win) two World Series games this year. Once again, Dan, strident Mets fan, has emailed in his thoughts.


I don't know if you remember me, but you dubbed me "Mets Fan Day for a
day" after I shot you a couple stories. The comments were hysterical
and thanks for giving me my five seconds of fame.


I have to point out that you are once again ignoring a story that's
bad for the Phillies. JC Romero tested positive twice before pitching
the World Series, where he won TWO games.

TheBigLead posted the story at 5 pm and the articles they cite give
you lots of info.

I don't think he was trying to cheat, but I think something has to be
said about a system that can allow a pitcher to pitch into the
postseason under such suspicious circumstances. I'm not saying it
taints your title, but doesn't it? Positive twice? Two WS wins? Shady.

Just trying to keep you honest. Thanks.

Ed. Note: So, since we're being honest — does this mean the '86 World Series was also "tainted" since half your team was on blow?

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