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Jason Kelce Says An Eagles Fan Poured Their Grandfather's Ashes Into A Teammate's Hands

Illustration for article titled Jason Kelce Says An Eagles Fan Poured Their Grandfathers Ashes Into A Teammates Hands
Photo: Mike Ehrmann (Getty)

Eagles center Jason Kelce had a wild and memorable time at the team’s Super Bowl parade in February, but it seems that one of the more outlandish things that happened to him escaped the view of the cameras.


While meeting with the media at mini-camp today, Kelce was asked about some of his interactions with fans since the Super Bowl win. He spoke about how much he’s enjoyed talking to fans who have told him about how the team has strengthened familial bonds, and then he dropped this:

Walking down on the parade that day, I can’t remember who came up to me, but somebody came up to me with ashes in their hands. They said, “Kelc, I don’t know what to do. Somebody just poured their grandfather’s ashes in my hands.” And uh, it was just, I was like, “I don’t know what to do, either.”


That’s, uh, well... that’s certainly something. If you want to watch Kelce tell the story for yourself, it starts at about the 28-minute mark here:

Correction: This post originally said that Kelce claimed to have had the ashes poured into his hands, but it appears that Kelce was referring to an unnamed teammate who came up to him and told him that a fan had poured the ashes into his hands. The headline and the post have been changed to reflect this.

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