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Javy Baez Deployed His Bionic Arm For This Double Play

It might seem like the marketplace is saturated with Javy Baez highlights, and adding another to your memory might seem exhausting. But I urge you to take the time to appreciate the Cubs’ infield stud’s speed, alertness, and arm strength on this double play, which comes with a rare added wrinkle of Baez positioned at third base.

The victims here are Cody Bellinger—who gets immediately ensnared in a rundown off a grounder to Baez—and Yasiel Puig, who’s no impressive catch on the basepaths, necessarily, but only barely wandered off first before getting fried with a laser of a throw.


It’s one thing to make every correct decision to get your pitcher out of a seemingly guaranteed run-scoring situation (man on third, one out). It’s a whole other thing to execute those decisions perfectly with superhuman ability. I think Javy Baez might actually be some kind of mutant.

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