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Jay Mariotti: Lurking Karaoke Superstar

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Even though our good friend and dance partner, Jason Whitlock, is annoyed that Deadspin is "baiting its readers to stalk Mariotti," it would be more criminal to waste this picture of Jay's big night at Blue Frog we referenced yesterday.

And also — who can resist singing Mr. Big? [Very Sic'd]:

Attached is visual confirmation of the first reader submitted comment from the Mariotti story today, Jay being all creepy at the Blue Frog, a karioke bar in Chicago....We were singing Mr. Big's "Next to be with you" at the time, and he refused to participate, which I think could have actually improved his image had he joined. But he doesn't have the reputation he does because he joins in on awesome karioke songs with random dudes to the delight of the crowd, which we should have forseen....


And then there's this anecdote, which is just cruel:

Just wanted to validate the story about the karaoke bar. These pictures were taken at Blue Frog late Saturday night by one of my friends. They show him waiting to drop the cosby kids off in a bathroom which has shower curtains as stall doors. During the next song the performer broke down with "Hey everybody, Mariotti is taking a dump in the bathroom right now!" After doing his business and most certainly washing his hands, Mariotti came out and yelled at them for "being on crack."

If any other readers do spot Jay gallivanting around town during a Windy City night, please don't pester him. The man is allowed to enjoy an evening out, just like the rest of us. In fact, do not approach him at all, unless you really, really enjoy his columns and wish to shake the man's hand. At least we know he washes them.

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