Jessica Dorrell Has Resigned, Will Receive $14K From University

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Jessica Dorrell, the motorcycle seatmate and texting buddy of former Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino, has resigned her position as the team's student-athlete development coordinator. Dorrell was hired over by Petrino over 158 other applicants at an annual salary of nearly $59,000. University officials placed her on paid leave last Friday, but she resigned that position tonight.


As part of a settlement related to her resignation, she will receive $14,000 from the University of Arkansas and has promised not to attempt to profit off her affiliation with the university.

Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long announced Dorrell's resignation in an email:

While Ms. Dorrell had a legitimate right to apply for and accept a position within the football program, the circumstances surrounding the former coach's decision to hire her compromised her ability to be effective in such a position. She and I believe she should have the opportunity to move on.


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