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Jim Tomsula Should Be Your Favorite Coach

We made a lot of jokes at Jim Tomsula’s expense after the 49ers tabbed him as their new head coach, because he exudes an appearance that screams “cautionary tale,” (or perhaps “hardware salesman”) but here’s the truth: the man’s undefeated. With his win as an interim coach in 2010, and last night’s ugly, error-filled victory over the Vikings, the permanently bedraggled man has a record of 2-0. He’s also an unbelievable story:

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This is not a fake graphic. Firewood cutter. Doormat salesman. Belt buckle shiner. (Okay, that one is fake.) Tomsula contains multitudes.

Tomsula’s appeal is his seemingly genuine nature. When he had to deal with a serious situation in releasing Aldon Smith, he handled it extremely well. It would normally be safe to assume a statement was prepared with specific details on when to look pained, but as we learned when Tomsula was first hired, this man struggles to feign interest. Jim Tomsula is seemingly incapable of bullshitting anyone. (Down the line, this might prove to be his downfall.)


For now, the man’s riding high; Jed York and Trent Baalke get one more week of puffing out their chests like this plan will definitely work. Enjoy the win, Jim. After all the time you spent in a car, you deserve something nice.


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