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Jim Tomsula Spotted At Western Pennsylvania Sports Hall Of Fame Induction

Former San Francisco 49ers head coach and doormat salesman Jim Tomsula was inducted into the Western Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame this weekend, along with LaVar Arrington and other notables. Tomsula, who is currently the Skins’ defensive line coach, gave a hell of a speech.


A tipster recorded the last seven minutes of Tomsula’s address, as he didn’t realize Tomsula was going to give it his all until about four minutes in. At one point, organizers flicked the lights on and off in an effort to get Tomsula to wrap it up. The tipster said Tomsula was told to speak for three to four minutes, but he went on for over 10.

“Enjoy the good days. Get through the bad. Kiss your family. Have a blast.” Amen.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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