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Last week, Joe Flacco’s wife Dana called out her husband for his complete dearth of enthusiasm on plays where he lines up as a wide receiver. The Ravens quarterback had a chance to show some of that trademark Flacco spark in the third quarter of Sunday’s game, when Lamar Jackson took a snap behind center. Flacco might have somehow topped his own high standard for immobility.


Compare this to Flacco’s performance earlier in the season:

About the same, so he gets points for consistency. I’m not an NFL defensive coordinator, but it feels like the Ravens usually run to the side opposite of Flacco every time they’re set up like this. Perhaps this is all a season-long decoy which will culminate in a pass play where Flacco catches it three yards out, immediately sits down, and picks at the turf. That’s called playing the long game.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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