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Jon Heyman Doesn't Want To Pay For Your Damn Baseball Knowledge

Seemingly wealthy CBS Sports baseball writer Jon Heyman really should know better to bring up money in a Twitter fight. After all, he's a fancy man who prefers the finer amenities in life—or so we've been able to surmise—and when he wants you to reveal certain tidbits of info that he'd otherwise have to pay for, well, that's just not going to fly with The Heyman. Kevin Goldstein of ESPN/Baseball Prospectus, who shares more baseball knowledge with his Twitter followers than arguably any other writer, found that out the hard way tonight when he rebuffed Heyman's insistance on knowing how many minor league pitchers he'd rank above Mets prospect Zack Wheeler. That's when The Heyman came at Goldstein, and nothing—nothing, I say—was off limits.

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore.

See, Heyman said "lol" so that means everything is cool now. :)

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