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The words "Kobe Bryant Lawsuit" is enough to make tongues wag — or, uh, other things do, er, other things — but the most recent Bryant lawsuit doesn't involve Aspen hotel rooms or inappropriately tossed T-shirts; instead, a Memphis Grizzlies fan — proof of their existence! — has slapped Bryant with a $75,000 suit saying Kobe intentionally elbowed him at the Lakers-Grizzlies game the other night. From the complaint:

Kobe Bryant left the basketball court and entered the spectators' section where Bill Geeslin was sitting and landed on Mr. Geeslin. While Defendant was on Mr. Geeslin in the spectators' section, the Defendant committed assault and battery and engaged in extreme and outrageous conduct when the Defendant, without provocation, violently struck Mr. Geeslin with the Defendant's elbow, causing Mr. Geeslin injury and damages.

As a proximate result of the Defendant's conduct, Mr. Geeslin received injuries for which he sought medical attention and has suffered great pain of body and mind.


All told, as far as these things go, Kobe should be pleased about this relatively mild case of "extreme and outrageous contact."

We will keep Mr. Geeslin and his "great pain of body and mind" in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully he will someday recover.


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