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Kyrie Irving Has No Concern For Earthly Matters Like TV Families

The Celtics ran one of those cute commercial-break videos at their game tonight where players answer innocuous questions about their pop culture faves. Naturally, it served as another opportunity for Kyrie Irving to show off that he is way cooler than everyone else.


The question was, essentially, “If you could be a part of a TV family, what show would you pick?” Irving, in either a staggering level of commitment to the faux-intellectual character he plays for reporters, or a simple display of bland weirdness, reacts by looking pissed off, then shaking his head and delivering a cold-hearted, perfectly timed, “none of them.”

Irving’s not the only Celtic who struggled with the concept.

I also have no idea what the hell Aron Baynes means when he just says “Vikings.” And for the record, the correct answer is the new “One Day At A Time” reboot.

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