Kyrie Irving reportedly seen partying hard on … a Zoom call for a NYC District Attorney candidate?!

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Now you see him ...
Now you see him ...
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Hanging with Drake in Toronto?

At a birthday party for his sister?

Both of these theories remain unconfirmed, but on Tuesday evening, “Kai Irving” was spotted by eagle-eye political strategist Waleed Shahid alongside special guest Cynthia Nixon, former NY gubernatorial candidate and Sex and the City star, on a Zoom call for Manhattan District Attorney candidate Tahanie Aboushi:

ESPN’s Malika Andrews soon thereafter acknowledged that the AWOL Nets point guard did indeed appear to be one of the 150 in virtual attendance in support of one of the more progressive candidates in a crowded race to replace (Maybe? He hasn’t declared his intentions yet) Cy Vance as the top law enforcement official in New York City.


Given Irving’s history of speaking truth to power on racial and social justice issues, support for a candidate like Aboushi — whose website intro says she will “end mass incarceration and invest in our communities, build schools instead of cages, and … uplift the communities harmed by the prison-industrial complex” — rings true as on-brand.

Oh, and yes, the Nets were in action at the Barclays Center against the Nuggets during that Zoom call.


Irving has been out of action since he missed the Nets’ Jan. 7 tilt with the Sixers. Brooklyn General Manager Sean Marks announced earlier Tuesday (after the purported “sister party” video dropped) that Kyrie took a leave of absence for “personal reasons.

And yes, if I ever beat Woj or Shams, Shahid’s reply to himself would be my follow-up tweet as well: