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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

LeBron James Should Just Recap Your Crappy Team's Games From Memory

Illustration for article titled LeBron James Should Just Recap Your Crappy Teams Games From Memory

Thursday’s Lakers media scrum afforded LeBron James yet another opportunity to showcase his impeccable memory for the press. As he explained his habit of watching every NBA game during his off-days, James rattled off several plays from Wednesday night’s Timberwolves-Nets OT thriller.


The play-by-play confirms his retelling, although he did gloss over some boring possessions in between Karl-Anthony Towns’s game-tying three and that Kyrie Irving-Jarrett Allen pick-and-roll. We get it: The man can just rewind and replay this stuff in his head like a movie. He also has a lot of DVRs.

James is describing a compelling NBA game here—even though it did include Andrew Wiggins—but here’s a different idea: Why couldn’t we put this great mind to use to help out despairing fan bases? Hornets “fans” would probably rather see LeBron recite the plays of their team’s last game from memory than sit down and watch the actual accursed thing. It’d save them a lot of time and emotion. I’ll happily subscribe to a hypothetical summary service for any Knicks game past February.

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