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Lil Ronnie Is Back, So STEP OFF, PUNK!

The Colts have rolled out an October Surprise, and it's a big one; raise the roof, people, for the return of Lil Ronnie! Or as he is now known on the south side of Naptown, "RonD." The then phat rappin' 12-year-old Swayzed from the scene after last winter's monster hit Super Bowl Bound, which told of his love for the Colts and "my homey Reggie Wayne." But now he's returned with Super Bowl Bound 2007 Remix, backed by other rappers on his new label, 31 South Entertainment. The Bears should just surrender now.

"Just one goal, Super Bowl Bound/
Matter of fact we rowdy in the Super Bowl now/
It's the three-one-seven, yeah the boys in blue, in the three-oh-five facing the three-one-two/
It's Joseph Addai, a thousand yards without a start/
And when the ball flies, you know it's caught by Dallas Clark ..."


Lil Ronnie is 13 now so his life is bitch city, yo, and he doesn't take no shit. Just check out his other new single, Let Yourself Go (you'll have to scroll down the page a bit), which is pretty much about him picking up girls on his bike ... just how Jay-Z does it. It includes the lyrics: "Naptown superstar, and that's no junk/I'm the best around, so step off, punk!"

Yes Brian Urlacher, you had best step off!

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(UPDATE: Lil Ronnie to appear on Fox and Friends during Sunday's pregame activities. Keep that finger on the seven-second delay, guys!)

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