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Madden Glitch Season Features The Helmet Catch To End All Helmet Catches

The fact that Madden NFL 20 is available in early access is a blessing and a curse and a blessing. A blessing in that some fans get to play the game days ahead of its wide release. A curse in that a ton of shit in the game appears to still be broken. A blessing in that we get to see the videos of the broken shit.


Here’s Vikings rookie TE Irv Smith Jr., carrying the ball on the crown of his helmet for nearly 20 yards.

It’s possible he could have gone the whole way like that, and not settled for a more conventional touchdown, had another Minnesota receiver not tried to haul in the “up-for-grabs” ball, and I really really want to know what Smith Jr. would have done. Would he have run out the back of the end zone? Would he have doubled back? Would the ball have dropped for an incompletion? Please someone, make this happen again.

In addition to a receiver balancing a ball like a sea lion, there’ve been even more instances of the most common bug so far: teams being completely unable to tackle.

There will presumably be a big ol’ patch for the official release date later this week. I submit that the game might be more fun without it.

Deputy editor | Deadspin