Photo credit: Mark Terrill/AP Images

Madison Bumgarner got Yasiel Puig to ground out to end the seventh inning tonight in a close one between the Giants and Dodgers. As Bumgarner walked back to the dugout, he and Puig exchanged pleasantries, which prompted Bumgarner to reverse course, and take it to Puigā€™s chest (these two have an adversarial history with each other). Brandon Belt intervened, the benches cleared, and no punches appear to have been thrown, a limp Puig shove-slap at Hunter Pence excepted.

Thankfully, Vin Scully was around to walk us through the proceedings.

I particularly enjoyed the Giantsā€™ bullpen joining the fray in perfect formation.


Hereā€™s the transcript of their conversation. Bumgarner apparently did not want Puig to look at him.